5 Preparation Tips to Install a Brand-New Garage Door


The moment has come to install your brand-new garage door! What steps can you take to help ensure a seamless, expert installation of your garage door and opener?

In this blog, we’re going to provide you with five preparation tips for installing a new garage door. So, why wait? Continue to read on to get the most out of your garage installation process. 

  1. Move Your Cars

The installers will require clear and unrestricted access to the entire garage. If you keep your car in the garage, be sure to park them somewhere during the installation.

You can place your cars on the driveway or at least far away from the street to let the installer work hassle-freely. This way, you can prevent the risk of your vehicle’s damage. After the garage door install, you can reverse your vehicles in your garage. 

  1. Clear Your Garage 

It does not imply that the entire garage has to be spotless. However, in addition to moving your cars, make sure that any equipment, tools, trash cans, bicycles, or other items that may interfere are stored or moved to the back of the garage. 

It not only provides enough space for your installers to work but also ensures that your items are not accidentally destroyed during the installation process. You also need to consider removing anything of great value to avoid damage.

  1. Consider the Opener, Wall Consoles, Or Keyless Entry Pads Position

Planning where you want these in advance helps save time during installation. The opener has to be placed near an outlet or in an area accessible through an extension cord. The standard position for the wall console is adjacent to the garage door, on the garage side of the wall. The exterior keyless entry pad is typically located directly next to the front entrance.

But the choice is yours. The area surrounding the wall section where the garage door intends to be installed must be free of garbage and obstacles, so that the person specialized in garage door installation may work without difficulty.

  1. Keep Your Children & Pets Away from the Working Space

If you have pets, please make sure they are safe during the installation. Customers frequently allow their pets to roam until the installation is completed. It can be harmful to both the installer and the pet. Children should also be kept safely away from the working space.

Hand and power tools, heavy items, overhead items, and things under spring tension are all-inclusive in the removal and installation of your garage door.

  1. Update yourself with your installer’s Latest safety policies

Make sure that you follow all of the installer’s guidelines to keep both you and them safe and secure while garage door installation. Additionally, if you require someone to enter your home, please discuss the safety policies with your hired installer.

Safety comes first, so be mindful about the protection of yourself, your family members and also your guests visiting your home. Being attentive and conscious about the ensured safety measures gives the best visiting experience.